Enjoy the Advantages of a Senior Living Community at Ventana

What are you looking for in your retirement years? For some, it will be traveling and spending more time with family and friends. Others may get excited about the possibility of reigniting interest in long-forgotten hobbies. No matter where your interests lie, it comes down to one goal – the opportunity to enjoy life to […]

Memory Care at a Life Plan Community

Watching a parent or loved one fall deeper into dementia is an emotional and heartbreaking experience. Losing keys, forgetting important dates and times, or even forgetting their own children are all distressing side effects of memory loss from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. As overwhelming as this may be, know that you’re not alone and there’s […]

An Emergency Preparedness Plan for Your Comfort, Safety

You deserve the feeling of comfort in your home. This is your place to relax and enjoy what makes you happy – whether it be curling up with a favorite book, cooking a delicious meal or spending quality time with family and friends. We’ve heard it said often, and we couldn’t agree more: There really […]

Mediterranean Food for Health

When you think of food from Mediterranean countries, your first thought may be pizza and pasta from Italy or lamb chops from Greece. Or, for a special treat, gelato and wine might come to mind. While these are certainly Mediterranean inspired foods, there’s so much more delicious foods to be found in the Mediterranean diet. […]