Future Healthcare Costs: On Your Own vs. at a Life Plan Community

As exciting as planning for your retirement can be, it involves many considerations from a financial standpoint. From travel plans to your living situation, there are a lot of pieces and parts to consider when setting your budget and ensuring you have the necessary means to live out your retirement years in comfort. One of […]

Is It Time to Talk to Your Parents about Downsizing?

Downsizing during retirement years is a common reason for homeowners to move out of their long-term homes. Have your parents voiced frustrations with home maintenance or have you been concerned that they just have too much house to handle in retirement? Downsizing to a life plan community like Ventana may be just the answer both […]

The Importance of Hydration for Seniors

Summer days are here! As we spend an increasing amount of time soaking up the sun, whether it be relaxing on the beach or walking around the neighborhood, we have to be mindful and cautious of some of the effects spending time in the hot weather can bring. One consequence of too much time in […]

Entertainment for Seniors During Summer Days in Dallas

Not sure how to spend your summer days? There’s so much to do in Dallas, but social distancing and concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) may leave you wondering what activities you can do safely and in a healthy way. Keep reading for a list of events and activities in the Dallas area to help promote […]